Responding to consumer demand for instant energy delivered in a convenient, on-the-go format, NoDoz introduces a liquid energy shot. As an established, trusted brand in the energy category, NoDoz had permission to expand from pills into liquid shots.

Make the NoDoz brand a more relevant player in the alertness category reaching a new audience who are currently using other energy shots and energy drink brands, but to also retain consumers who are already loyal to the brand.

We developed a package design system for NoDoz Caplets and Energy Shots that introduced the new form with a breakthrough in-store presence that reintroduced the brand as a trusted, contemporary and highly relevant player in the energy category.

The unique package design system with a dynamic NoDoz brand identity clearly communicates RTB and brand promise. The brand now has a bold modern personality and visual cues signifying strength and speed – a refreshed but unified brand look that enhanced relevance to the current consumer, while attracting new users to the brand.