Luna, the Saudi Arabian evaporated milk brand wanted to reposition itself as a premium product, moving it away from its past as just a value-for-money purchase. ANTHEM redesigned the packaging and created the re-branding campaign from the shelf out; expressing and communicating the new product image and benefits through in-store marketing, outdoor and television.

The creative uses the highly sociable nature of drinking tea to connect with consumers on a personal level.

Highlighting the quality of the tea drink in a familial context, the heart of the campaign stems from the ‘fusion moment’, the point when Luna is suspended and diffuses in tea to create the perfect tasting cup.

Paul Heritage, Chief Operating Officer, National Food Industries Company Ltd, described the campaign as “highly original and impactful in the way it brings to life the way [consumers] experience the product” and “a great way both to strengthen the Luna brand’s connection with its current users and to recruit new consumers.”