In response to consumer demand for healthier food options, High Liner deviated from its usual frozen fish line-up by creating a new, fresher offering – Simply Fish. For a successful launch, High Liner knew it needed to differentiate Simply Fish from its traditional products, while still leveraging the company’s strong brand equity. That’s where ANTHEM came in.

Through intensive brand strategy work and creative design, ANTHEM developed a packaging system that clearly conveys the product’s unique freshness and premium nature. Elements like the clear plastic wrap communicate a sense of transparency and depict the product as hero, while the black slate background adds high-end appeal. Pops of fresh green herbs tell a powerful ingredient story and project an aura of goodness. Then there is the High Liner logo – front and center for instant brand equity. Through these and other design devices, ANTHEM has successfully helped High Liner stand out in both the frozen and fresh fish categories.

2015 PAC Awards – Silver – Flexible Packaging

2015 GD USA – Certificate of Excellence