In honor of their Centennial and fresh on the heels of organizational culture change, Girl Scouts felt it was time to update and refresh their main vehicle of funding, the cookie box.

The current Girl Scouts pack had been around for over 15 years, and as the primary face and vehicle for funding of their organization, it should more properly represent GSUSA as it heads towards the future.

Based on the insights gathered from Girl Scouts USA, and understanding the need for Girl Scouts to maintain relevant, Anthem looked to educate consumers about what Girl Scouts do today and represent the Modern Girl Scout.

Anthem aimed to embody the Girl Scout organization, the reason for the Cookie Drives and represent today’s Girl Scout. The resulting solution was a unique package design system that places Girl Scouts in the 21st century.

The primary display prominently features the face of the modern Girl Scout in an array of activities that defies conventional interpretation of Girl Scout activities and attitudes, while harkening back to their heritage via the trefoil and badges.

The package also communicates the principles of the organization, meaning behind the Girl Scout badges all while still providing a heroic, appetizing cookie shot to ensure appetite appeal and encourage sales.