April 06, 2016

Brick and mortars are selling experiences, not just products. Physical retail spaces must deliver a connected brand story as shoppers are turning to mobile devices to search, compare prices, and seek recommendations. We are helping brands win these opportunities with connected experience design.

Join Rob Hollands, Director of Brand Experience at Anthem Worldwide, to learn how the value of connected brand experiences will rise in 2016. Plus, get an inside look on how we took point-of-sale to the next level for Nestlé with an innovative retail experience — the first interactive campaign of its kind in the UK.

Be sure to register and tune in, Thursday, April 21, 2016 at 1-1:30PM EST.

Register now for Rob Holland’s BrandSquare webinar: “Nestlé: Projecting the Future of Retail

About Rob Hollands:

As Director of Brand Experience at Anthem Worldwide, Rob is responsible for delivering insights and innovations to clients to grow our client partnerships in Europe and beyond. He focuses on “connecting the pack” to digital experiences, developing strategies and creative that engages consumers in new and innovative ways. Over his 15+ years in the industry, Rob has brought digital strategies to a wide range of clients in the CPG, finance, apparel, and cosmetic industries. He has been an active leader at Anthem for more than nine years, leading client strategy and crafting the very best, award-winning experiences.