June 04, 2014

If you’re from San Francisco or have close ties to its local scene, chances are you’ve heard of Raphael House and the remarkable work the organization has done to empower families experiencing homelessness in Northern California.

Raphael House, one of San Francisco’s oldest and most respected shelters, provides an environment of loving support that enables families to move toward brighter and more hopeful futures. More importantly, they are committed to helping families reach and maintain long-term stability by providing the resources and connections families need to move beyond poverty.

Knowing how important Raphael House is to the community, our San Francisco office recently teamed up with the non-profit to create a new tag line, redesigned identity system, marketing collateral system and website.

The new identity represents two interlocking hands, symbolizing the organization’s emphasis on community and their approach to partnering with their families by providing ”a hand up” rather than just a handout. Raphael House’s well-loved evening ritual inspired the subtle flame that can be seen within the identity — each night the children of Raphael House gather together for bedtime stories, during which, one of the kids, carrying a candle, then leads all the children to their rooms for the night, dropping them off one by one.

The new, single-color identity was designed to be simple, welcoming and cost-effective for the organization to implement. Supporting the primary teal colored mark are alternate identities in bold yet soothing colors, which is inspired by Raphael House children’s artwork hanging throughout the facility.

Raphael House’s new tagline – “Inspiring Families. Illuminating Hope.” – represents the organization’s approach to collaborative partnerships with their families and their broader aspiration for the future.

Bold and inviting, the new website design celebrates Raphael House children and their families. The navigation is extremely simple, so the user, whether seeking services, donating, volunteering, or just desiring to learn more about this amazing organization, can quickly and easily find what they need.

“Successful design for non-profits relies on a true partnership, where the design team is truly connected to the cause. Raphael House is an incredible and vitally important organization. We’re all extremely proud of what we have created together, and it’s been a rewarding and humbling experience for the entire Anthem team,” said Anthem’s Senior Account Director Bill Larsen.

To learn more about our partnership with Raphael House and see our team at work on this project, visit us on Facebook.