March 28, 2018

The toothpaste category is long overdue a shake-up. The supermarket shelf is a wash of white, blue and red with little to no differentiation between brands.

Brand assets aren’t unique leading to copy-cat retailor offers and extreme price wars with consumers driven to navigate their purchase based primarily on discount price offers.

Toothpaste, as a product, is a regular and necessary purchase – it’s also an intimate one given we put it inside our mouths, though most existing brands use synthetic flavorings made even more unnatural by the use of bold primary colours on pack.

On top of this, toothpaste is something consumers have to display in their homes. Aside from the desire for clean teeth and fresh breath, what other benefits could a new challenger brand bring?

‘Minted’ is a contemporary lifestyle brand of herbal toothpaste with accents of select botanicals. The products provide premium teeth cleaning and care as well as fresh breath using natural flavourings and colour codes.


The design of the crimp structure at the top of pack to represent a mint leaf is unique, iconic and a valuable own able brand asset – elevating the ordinary into something special.

‘Minted’ is designed for the home, not just the supermarket shelf – a lifestyle brand to be proudly displayed in your bathroom.

Credit: Sara Jones – Design Director, Anthem Benelux

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