April 19, 2018

San Domenico concept design takes its inspiration from Belgian artist Jan Fabre and his “Over the Edges” exhibition, which saw 8,000 slices of ham covering eight large pillars at the entrance of Ghent University back in April 2000.

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The brand name itself, ‘San Domenico’, references a religious order and plays on the idea of purity and reverence – a nod to the brand’s core values of respect and championing of the simple beauty of its products.


Using a pillar illustration as a holding device, the transparent window proudly displays and hero’s the premium marbled meats and speckled cheeses inside – emphasizing the freshness and quality of the product range and distinguished Italian heritage of the San Domenico brand.

The luxurious feel of quality marble is also captured in the surrounding print design adding a further premium look and feel to the design.

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