April 26, 2016

Have you been following our recent work for Nestlé in the UK? Are you looking to drive your brand’s success through insights, creativity, and innovation? If so, you’re in luck!

Last week, our very own Rob Hollands, director of brand experience of Anthem’s London office, presented the details regarding the UK’s first interactive POS campaign Rob’s team conceptualize and designed — which led to a 41% sales increase for the Nestlé Quality Street brand.

Below is a recap of the entire webinar and explanation as to how Anthem is helping brands win similar opportunities with connected experience design.

Watch the entire webinar here: Rob Holland’s Live Webinar: Projecting the Future of Retail


Innovation in brand messaging and displays will transform the way consumers interact within the store aisle. Leading brands like Nestlé, are leveraging this strategy by not just selling their products, rather selling experiences in brick and mortar stores.

To succeed, we must never stop focusing on the future,” says Rob Hollands.

For this particular Nestlé project in the UK, we teamed up with ASDA to showcase the Quality Street brand while using new technology to deliver a connected brand story.

It is clear shoppers are turning to the internet and mobile devices to search, compare prices, and seek recommendations from their peers, which makes innovation even more important for physical retail stores.

To keep up with this fast moving, on-the-go, shopper behavior, brands must reimage the physical retail space. The timing is perfect — as these spaces haven’t taken on many changes for decades! With the inclusion of technology and unique storytelling, brands are now able to tap into the personal experiences humans crave.


To win, brands must absolutely create memorable moments and capture their audience to create experiences that transform their brand value proposition,” says Rob Hollands.

Know your audience. When brands successfully wrap an experience around a product, they sell more products, more often. In fact, according to the Digitas Connected Consumer Study (March 2015), 62% of consumers buy more things, more often when getting a personalized retail experience.

It is also important now, more than ever, to connect with our consumers in new ways. With findings from the previously mentioned study, 82% of smartphone users turn to their phone to influence and make in-store purchase decisions — one in ten of those customers end up buying a different product than planned.

So how can brands ensure THEY are the chosen brand?


Through our connected experience design initiatives, Anthem is helping brands solve these challenges with engaging displays and personalized content to help the consumer along their buying journey.

To help assist the buying journey, brands must:

  • Engage the shopper
  • Create an experience
  • Tell the brand story
  • Impact sales with measurable results

In order to cut through the complex physical environment during peak seasons for this brand, the team at Anthem needed to figure out how to stand out among the rest. We knew from the beginning that traditional methods would not be successful and wouldn’t provide the storytelling we needed to help move this product.

Rethink your strategy. Next, we started looking at projection to help develop a new approach. Traditionally, projections are known for their usage outdoors, in the dark, and provide a “larger than life” scale. Projections had not been used in the retail environment yet.

So we took an innovative approach to thinking about our strategy, and took what we thought would work, and inversed them. Now, instead of setting up large screens outside, displaying at night – what if we set up smaller screens inside, displaying during the day, or in a lighted environment? Not only does it help create the experience we were looking to achieve, but also gives us the ability to tell the story of the brand.

Use technology. We partnered up with a technology partner to help with daylight visible images and projections and LED lights used to project content on physical spaces in the retailer. We started looking at mapping onto a point-of-sale unit, and a few prototypes later; we installed our creation into one of Nestlé’s concept stores.


To see this POS campaign in action, watch the video on YouTube: Anthem Launches UK’s First Interactive Point-of-Sales Campaign

Test. Throughout the project,we’ve established that you don’t need a screen for projection; you can deliver this content onto any surface. We can also map the projection around content, so we can project content directly on the product. It’s wireless, and is controlled from the cloud, making it easy to make content changes, instantly. We can change the entire creative experience based on sales and shopper experiences to showcase different promotions or events.

We implemented this project to 10 different ASDA stores in diverse locations, and have increased engaging experiences remotely delivers across three key seasonal occasions – Halloween, Bonfire Night, and Christmas.

ASDA’s General Store Manager, Great Bridge said: “This technology is incredibly innovative and takes POS displays to a new level. We’ve had a positive response from customers who are stopping to take a good look. It’s providing a whole new way of active selling.”

Keep evolving. Our work not only excited customers, the project was loved by the store managers too – as they know innovation in the aisle will help boost the sales – reported by ASDA stores of Quality Street by 41%. We are now looking at new ways to evolve this iteration by using other technologies to exceed all expectations.

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